Monday, 25 February 2013

Cavalier 2013: Display Games

WWII big beautiful display with superb terrain.
Air attack on a bridge.
The Soviet Union on the attack, WWII.
Reenactors try some minaiture gaming.
One of the few non WWII displays.
Back in the Twentieth Century.
And the cry went up, "Anyone want to be a Communist?"

A Very French Civil War: 1936 and  communists and nationalists clash over who gets to steal the locals' vehicles to advance on Paris. The locals attempt to defend their property and call for army support. Meanwhile there are a group of suspicious looking nuns.


  1. Nice one John, I have spoken to Karl "Crooked Dice" and he can come to the club in early summer..

  2. That carnival display is just delightfully random...

    1. Medieval town planning was clearly a bit dodgy.