Friday, 8 March 2013

This Time It's Wraiths

The Elite of the Mantic undead, the wraiths. Very nice resin models. One of them had a bent scythe but it was easily straightened by a touch of hot blood.


  1. Lightning keeps striking.

    This time the colours are deeper, but they're still well in line with the colours on the previous unit. The robes look like moonlit velvet and the shafts and central sword blade are the perfect tone. There even looks to be some of what the cool kids call object source lighting on the face of that central figure, and the ageing on the armour plate and steel sword are brilliant in just how delicate they are. This is the best run of undead I can remember seeing.

    I'd say they warrant a tutorial of some kind, or an overview of how you go about painting them.

  2. Gosh, now I'm blushing. I use very simple techniques as I have no artistic skills.

    You are very kind, Porky.