Thursday, 21 March 2013

Wolf In Shadow: Snippet 1

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For those unfamiliar with Baen, it is the company policy to show their products free on the web at Baen's Bar as snippets.

I am mirroring posts here on JTS.

If you read and like the book, please buy a copy. It will be available from July as a paperback or ebook from Baen, Amazon and most American bookshops.

You are looking at an unedited British-English draft.

Wolf In Shadow: Snippet 1.

I would like to thank David Drake for his invaluable help and many kindnesses and Fred Kiesche for reading through the manuscript fortypos. Finally, I must thank Toni Weisskopf for whipping the novel into shape.
Everything you read in this novel about London from this point on is true, except for the bits I have exaggerated, distorted, or completely fabricated.
John Lambshead

"He's mad that trusts in the tameness of a wolf."
Shakespeare, King Lear

Chapter 1 – Saying Goodbye
Chapter 2 – The Tube
Chapter 3 – Frankie
Chapter 4 – Wicca Work
Chapter 5 – The Wolf
Chapter 6 - Friends Reunited
Chapter 7 – Fitting In
Chapter 8 – Incursion
Chapter 9 – The Poltergeist
Chapter 10 – The Hunter
Chapter 11 – Max
Chapter 12 – Revelations
Chapter 13 – Financial Incentives
Chapter 14 – Night of the Wolf
Chapter 15 – Role Playing
Chapter 16 – Dr Faustus And Other problems
Chapter 17 – Pressure
Chapter 18 – Weirdness
Chapter 19 – Fraternal Rituals
Chapter 20 – The Black Museum
Chapter 21 – I Meet Therefore I Am
Chapter 22 – Londinium
Chapter 23 – Ancient Gods
Chapter 24 – Over their Heads
Chapter 25 – Blitz
Chapter 26 – London Bridge is Falling Down
Chapter 27 – Isle of Harty
Chapter 28 – Loose Ends