Friday, 14 June 2013

Mad Mahdi's Guns

The Mad Mahdi's Ansar captured a number of Turco-Egyptian cannon bought from Krupp of Germany along with their crews. These were used very competently against the British troops of the Khartoum Relief Army.

The Sudam was an Egyptian colony and Egypt was a semi-independent Turkish colony under a British Protectorate. The political complications were Byzantine.

The models are 1/72 polyethylene by the Russian company Strelets. These are not well liked by toy soldier collectors as they are chunky and rather wargaming-like. Strelets do make miniatures not found in other ranges.

I have painted these in the colours of the Turkish home army, which is what the models actually represent. It is not clear to me what uniforms the Turko-Egyptian artillery might have had but they would presumably have been lighter and more suitable for a desert, albeit one that could get very cold at night.


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