Sunday, 30 June 2013


The upcoming Apocalypse supplement got me keen to finish my Stompa that has been lying around the shed for some years.

I had previously spray-undercoated it with a textured grey and overcoated with black and dark metallic.

Today I highlighted in copper and bronze, painted the crew, touched up a few details and finished it off with quick-drying furniture stain/varnish and Army Painter anti-shine.

And Yere-Tiz, now in playable condition. I may highlight it a bit more or I may not. Sometimes you have to know when to stop.


  1. That is fantastic! Love the copper/bronze effect, it really looks great - awesome work!

  2. Thanks Mordian. Much appreciated. My Ork Apocalypse army is well underway.

  3. I think it looks great as is... I am not a fan of the OTT gaudy colour schemes you always see the orks decked out in... this looks more menacing, and less 'comic'...

    1. I agree with you Scott. I am not a fan of the lego-look.