Monday, 29 July 2013

Char d'Assault St Chamond

The Char d'Assault St Chamond was introduced in 1916 and was an early example of an armoured assault gun. It featured a 75mm gun and a defensive mg firing into each 90 degree arc. Armour was a respectable 11mm.

Unfortunately it had extremely limited mobility as the tracks were too small for the hull. Another limitation was that the gun had no side to side travers meaning that the whole clumsy vehicle had to be aimed at the target.

The model is 1/72 resin and I intend to use it for 1938 games.


  1. Nice work John, but I don't need the distractions! :-)

  2. Thats really cool looking. Ive never even heard of these. I had made a point of looking into french armour in early ww2 but never read anything containing details of this.
    I wonder if the germans used them for rear area security work as they did with other obsolete captured tanks?
    It could work quite well supporting some partisan / SAS hunting wehrmacht in a late war game.

    Learn something new every day!

    1. I doubt if any were running by WWII. They were a mechanical nightmare.

    2. Having owned a couple of renaults in my time I can well imagine...

    3. I'm told French cars currently languish at the bottom of the reliability tables.

  3. Cool, I like a couple of these