Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Imperial Navy Hardstand

Imperial Navy hardstand in the harsh actinic sunlight of planet Mybackgarden.

I have built a number of ships over the years but these are the ones I decided to keep. Note the pics are moderately high res and can be blown up to show detail of the models.

The VTOL hardstand. Two Vulture gunships, a Vendetta and a Valkyrie transport are on the ground. A Valkyrie gunship circles as perimeter protection.

The shuttle hardstand. From right to left, an armed fleet shuttle, an armed Avis light shuttle, and an assault shuttle. A Thunderbolt and Lightning have just taken off and are moving to forward flight.


  1. Very nice looking ships, I like that Valkyrie, I have two myself, but in a suburban camo scheme.


  2. I fancied a desert Sudan-type camo scheme. Like your blog. I would follow but I can't quite work out how.

  3. Nice variety of flyers for all types of scenarios. Always impressed by your eye for incorporating various models and making them work.

  4. John, who makes the dark blue one in the third picture?