Saturday, 4 January 2014

Bolt Action: Freikorps Reinforced Platoon

I have finished my Freikorps army. Most of the models are Great War Miniatures with aditional material from Copplestone Castings or scratchbuilt. Well, almost finshed as no army is truly finished until I sell it. I may yet add a maxim gun and possibly more armour :) .

I use the German Army Bolt Action Sourcebook. The Acting Up rule still applies as the Freikorps were over equipped with officers and NCOs already acting down but not the Hitler's Buzz Saw rules.

The Freikorps were commonly recruited from WWI veterans, especially Stormtroopers, so are classed as regular or veteran.

I must apologise for the poor pics. The weather in Kent is somewhat unclement for outside photography.

The Commanders (361 points):

1) Major Von Clump (veteran) plus two escorts.
2) Baron Flieger, flying ace, (counts as regular leutnant) plus two escorts.
3) Feldwebel Muller (forward observation).

The Freikorps were well supported by off-table artillery including armoured trains.

Infantry Squads (372 points):

All infantry squads are equipped with rifles, a light machine gun, and copious grenades. They are tank hunters.

1) Veteran Section.

 2) Regular Section

3) Regular Section

Experten (115 points):

1) Flamethrower Team, Regular
2) Mortar Team, Regular
3) Anti-tank Rifle Team, Regular

Vehicles (280 points):

1) Self Propelled Gun: veteran, light howitzer firing into rear arc, unarmoured (80 points).
2) Light Armoured Car: regular, open topped, LMG firing into front arc, armour 7+ (65 points).
2) Heavy Armoured Car: regular, light howitzer firing into rear and side arcs, three MMGs, armour 7+ (135 points)


  1. Nice work John and good to see the whole platoon together.

  2. Nice looking force so far. The Weather does indeed suck!

  3. House rocked again by storm this evening.

  4. That is am amazing collection there John. I do find that BA is a good set of rules that gives an nice game.

    1. BA is a very stable systemwith a wide application. It's also fun IMO. :)

  5. Another really characterful force, I had to go and read up about the freikorps and post ww1 Germany after reading your earlier posts, it's a fascinating and rather disturbing piece of history I was only dimly aware of before.
    You are really making me want to jump feet first into bolt action!

    1. The whole interwar period in the east seems to have been airbrushed out of history, possibly because no one has any fond memories of the period.

  6. Well done! They look like they're up to the tasks at hand. Now on to some action pics!

    1. As soon as my Red have finished massing (i.e. I've finished painting them) you can expect the Frreikorps to strike.