Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Red Gun Wagon

Really pleased with this one: a scratch built Red gun waggon.

It was mad from a Lesney diecast 1:48 1927 Fowler Steam waggon. these are readily available on Ebay for modest money. I lowered the steering wheel and fitted a Warlord Games French Tank commander as a driver.

The gun mounting is made from Leman Russ sponsons and the gun is a Plastic Soldier Soviet 76mm field gun with a plasticard shield. The ammo box on the back is from a Leman Russ turret.

I sprayed the waggon with cellulose primer to blend the different materials and added the crew from the Great War late German range.

It is painted with Humbrol and dirtied with Citadel washes and textured paint.

I will probably use it for my Chatham Soviet army but it will work for any Red force.

A real Freikorps gun waggon.


  1. Nice looking Sentinel.


  2. Thats a great bodge John. Good application.

    1. Bodge, sirrah? That's the finest steam waggon the Chatham Soviet can produce.

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