Monday, 20 January 2014

Buildings in 28 mm

I have been assembling some new buildings for my 28 ml armies.

First up a resin model of a traditrional timber framed two story house from Frontline in resin. Excellent model, very detailed and of a good size. It paints really well.

Next an Anglo-Danish Dark Age 'wooden' hovel from 4Ground that I will use both for Saga and for a Russian peasant hovel.

Again, very nice model.

Price wise, nothing to choose between them.

Comparing the advantages of the two:

Frontline: Detailed. Unpainted so you can choose your own scheme.
4Ground: Light, tough and easy to store. Painted so you don't have to.

My recommendation:
4Ground for fast production of useful, very functional, decent looking wargame scenery.
Frontline for model making, dioramas etc.

As the old saying goes: you pays your money and you takes your choice.