Friday, 3 October 2014

Bolt Action: Defenders of France, 500pts

Just worked out my 500 pts French 1940 platoon to take on Andy Singleton's Boche.

As I don't know what Andy has, I settled on a general purpose reinforced platoon.

I have a 2nd Lt and two French 8-man sections with grenade launchers, and one with an LMG, a Belgian Police Militia Section, a '75, a machine gun and an R35 light infantry support tank.

All the French are Regular, except for the tank which is inexperienced, as is the Belgian section.

Pour l'honneur de France


  1. Not a bad list! A few thoughts from my two games at 750 I played with mine.

    1) No free Artillery? Slip in a light or Med gun!
    2) Get an FT tank, in low point games armor isn't huge, but a FT tank is deadly! I know from experience at 750pts. I also had two artilery guns at 750.
    3) Lower the officer to Inexp and make him a 1st if you can.
    4) Get the tank up to Regular
    5) MMG while Iconic I don't think are great.
    6) Mortars (inexp) and a Regular sniper are gems
    7) I also broke my French into 6 man sections, which is how they would split a squad of 12, one with an LMG and the other with a VB, worked very well.

    1. Dear Styx
      Thanks for the list. Very interesting. 500 pts is wonderfully constricting, which makes it fun to play. I like the idea of an FT. Warlord now sell one so - watch this space, as they say.