Friday, 31 October 2014

Bolt Action: Germany Attacks


I have delivered the 1939/40 Blitzkrieg Supplement for Bolt Action to Alessio for editing so I decided to celebrate by setting up a game for my friend Shaun.

We tend not to bother with points so I just plonked down roughly equivalent forces for a meeting engagement. The vanguard of a Panzer Division advancing south down a French road is intercepted by an element of British 1st Armoured.

This is a straight forward 'kill the enemy' scenario.

The Panzers have a Panzergrenadier Platoon with a command (includes a 37mm Pak) and two transport Hanomags supported by a Pz I, II and a light armoured car

The 1st have an A10 cruiser tank, Vickers light tank (with autocannon), 2pdr AT gun, mortar, Vickers machine gun and a Morris armoured car.

The 1st was well equipped with Boys AT rifles - one in the Morris, one in the universal carrier towing the gun, and one carried by a two man team.

The key difference between 1940 and 1944 is the vulnerability of the AFVs. AT rifles and 40mm guns were a real threat.

The German Attack Starts

The Grenadiers advancing towards the hedge supported by the PzI on the left flank and the cannon armed PzII and armoured car contesting the right flank - but maintaining a healthy respect for the 2pdr dug in dominating the road.

The Firefight Opens

It starts well enough for the German player - me. The Hanomag Pak takes out the thinly armoured cruiser and the Morris goes down in a hail of 20mm cannon shots.

But then disaster. One of the drivers of the Hanomags panics and stalls his engine (i,e, pinned and failed its command roll) so only one Hanomag manages to unload its section at the hedge. The outnumbered grenadiers are promptly met with a fusillade of .303 rounds and the survivors promptly flee despite the threats made by the Lt in the command vehicle alongside.

The British Counterattack

Shaun advances his 2pdr which takes out the stalled Hanomag. A handful of demoralised (pinned) survivors totter out.


The British AT gun takes out the German armoured car but in revenge the Pak knocks out the Vickers light tank. The British infantry on their right flank take appalling casualties from the Pz I's twin MGs but the Panzergrenadiers are wiped out.

On checking, we each had four 'trophys' so I claimed a draw.

However, deep down, I have to acknowledge that the British would be well pleased with this result in real life. 1st armoured met the Panzers head on and gave them a bloody nose. With no infantry left to hold ground, the Germans would have been obliged to withdraw.

Good game, good game!


  1. Neat batrep and good use of your photo software. I enjoyed the short, sharpness of it.

    1. Thanks. A photo is supposed to be worth a 1,000 words. :)

      I use Paint Shop Pro - the poor man's photoshop to tweak the pics.

  2. Good game, good game indeed!

    (I assume Forsythe is still history-proof...?)

    1. So someone else remembers Brucy's Generation Game.

  3. "I use Paint Shop Pro - the poor man's photoshop to tweak the pics."


    I use the bastard-lovechild combination of Powerpoint and MS Paint, because they're the only things I have a hope of ever understanding!

    1. I find the most useful thing in PSP is the 'autocorrect' button. :)

  4. Also, have YOU penned the supplement?