Sunday, 5 October 2014

Bolt Action: Pz IV Special

I've had this Warlord Games resin and metal kit of a Pz IV H mit Schurzen for a bit but I've finally got around to making it. The spaced side armour was a little tricky and I decided to replace the top supports with copper tubing to make a rock solid model. The side skirts are inevitably where the model will be handled so I chose to sacrifice a little accuracy for robustness.

I based the camo on this artwork from Osprey's Vanguard book on the Pz IV. It in turn was inspired by a photo of a IV in 1943 somewhere in the Ukraine. The tank had no unit or nationality markings.

I used Army Painter Dark Tone varnish diluted with white spirit to 'oil' up the tank and Citadel mud paint to add some, er, mud.

Front angle.

The aerial is a hair nicked from my wife's kitchen brush.