Thursday, 28 May 2015

Antares Boromites - Review

I have bought my first Antaran miniatures at Salute and went for Boromites. These are mining and heavy industry trade guilds with heavily modified bodies,

This is a work gang and heavy mining borer.

These are large GW-sized heroic models. They needed a bit of cleaning up, flash removing, mould lines filed, that sort of thing. Definition is good and Army Painter Soft tone made a nice hard shell with just the right amount of shading.

I went for orange equipment as this is supposedly civil gear. The Boromites were base painted in sand and given a greenish tint with the soft tone.

I like them and will buy some more. They have some cool mining beasts and gangers wiv guns: sorry reverted into ork-speak there for a mo - can't think why.



  1. They do look very good, those chaps!

  2. I think you might have mesmerized me for a few minutes there with that heavy borer drill bit! Well done!, It looks quite...hypnotic!