Friday, 1 May 2015

Her Majesty's Aerocutter 47

An aerocutter is a small  flying boat usually armed with a five barrel Nordenfelt mechanised organ gun capable of firing 500 rounds per minute. It relies on galvanic cells powering cavorite panels for lift and a Clayton & Shuttleworth steam engine for motive power through a pusher-propeller and to recharge the cells.

It is used on Mars as a mobile desert patrol vessel capable of carrying a squad of infantry or as a supply vessel for isolated outposts located away from a convenient canal. It is armoured and can set down on a flat surface as well as water.

In short it is a jack of all trades, the Royal Navy's colonial workhorse.


  1. This is on special offer at orthstar at the moment.

  2. Very nice job indeed! I like your additions to the base model too

    I've been eying the one off at Ironclad Miniatures for some time...

    1. It's a nice model but heavy - solid resin.

  3. Nicely done - I really dig how that turned out!

  4. Nice John, I am pondering a purchase as I type

  5. Lovely model and great job on it.