Monday, 13 June 2016

Broadsword Wargames Show - Kent

The quality of the display games at Broadsword was astonishingly high. US Marines attack in the Pacific under air cover provided by a P38 Lightning flying very, very low.

An Old Crow VTOL lands on a pad downtown in the colony slums.

On the Rainham Club stand the BUF assault the churchyard in a Very British Civil War.

But the Kent Miners Action Column is ready for them.

The Medway Club demonstrating 7TV II.


  1. Dear John,
    Goodness. Were there miners in Kent in 1938?
    Some of the 20" mortars from Venetian service on Corfu had been cast in Sussex in 1678.
    It looks like a fun show. I remember Salute in 2004 fondly.

    1. Kent coal miner's, imported from oop north. There is still a funny accent in pays off Kent. :-)

  2. Very cool looking games and figs there!

  3. I missed you on the Day John.
    Just a gentle reminder the show name is BroadSIDE! and not BroadSWORD!. Easy mistake and no problems as I have heard several people make the same name mistake.

    And in answer to any query about Kent Miners. "BettesHanger Colliery" was opened in 1926. And was the LAST pit to return to work following the 84-85 miners strike.

    And thanks for showing the Rainham game .