Sunday, 5 June 2016

Steampunk Mars

This is what Mars may have looked like before the solar wind stripped its atmosphere when it was warm enough for water to exist as a liquid.

A series of delta - type structures all at the same height suggest that there was a water table near our even above the surface for most of the northern hemisphere.  Of the table was above the surface then a shallow ocean may have covered all the blue areas.

The lack of a detectable coastline suggests otherwise but there are ways that coastline might have been smoothed out,  such as tsunamis.

Anyway, this is a potential early Mars.

I feel a steampunk plot coming on.


  1. Hi John
    I've got Iron clad's martians plus the Selenite bug men and even some squid people plus for the conspiracy theorist some Nazi flying saucers (note to self must get a life or a bigger shed)