Monday, 19 February 2018

Otto Rahn, Ahnenerbe SS

Otto Rahn hunting for the Holy Grail under a Cathar Fortress in Languedoc: note the miniaturised zero-point 'bell'.

Otto Rahn was an 'awakened' (i.e. rune-magician) archaeologist/historian who was a member of the Ahnenerbe SS and an expert on the Holy Grail.

Officially he died of an accident in 1939, but research by Kenneth Hite, published by Osprey, suggests he was active until '45.

Otto Rahn

He is believed to be part of the inspiration behind the Indiana Jones movie.

Otto Rahn

This model by Lucid Eye is perfect to represent this fascinating and complex character.

The End of Rahn?

After '44, the trail goes cold but Hite speculates that he may have raised something he couldn't put down.


  1. Dear John
    I recognize the short-barrelled P-38, but what is the red object in his left hand?
    Nice model, but a wonderful job of painting.

  2. Just 'coz he was still active, doesn't mean that he wasn't already dead...

  3. Hi John
    If you would like to give him a run out I have a few WWW II Brits and war machines plus a few German funnies (Wulfen and mutants)

  4. Oh sorry, I meant to say nice figure by the way and magical? in Bolt action or WWWII rules?