Saturday, 3 February 2018

Scratch Built Imperial Navy Fury Interceptor P3

The next step was to fit the bow baffles to box in the turret attachment, add the dorsal superstructure and fit a pilot cockpit.

I filled in the large gaps around the turret baffles by coating then over with paper stiffened by polystyrene cement. Smaller gaps remaining along the joins were sealed with Humbrol plastic filler.Again I left it to dry overnight before sanding everything more or less flush.

At this stage I also added the point-defence twin-autocannon.

Next up the wings.

The front wings are a single sheet of polystyrene while the rear are triple-layered, the centre layer being slightly smaller to give a GW-style notched effect.

The wings are cemented on with polystyrene cement but a layer from a glue gun on the under-join held the wings in position while the cement dried.

I also added a top turret hatch for the pilot.

The rear thruster pack and vectored attitude-thrusters are made from cut up plastic straws attached by a glue gun.

It is starting to look like a void fighter rather than a plastic box.