Saturday, 24 February 2018

Seond Hand 40K

I desired to add a Hellbrute to my small Khorne Berserker army but the old bank account has taken a bit of a dive this month due to storm damage from the winter gales on my roof so funds for military expenditure were restricted.

However, eBay is full of second hand models from GW starter kits offered at very reasonable prices. I picked up this model for about one third new price. I chose one that had been painted flat red and black so it could easily be overpainted without another layer of undercoat. I also opened and reglued a joint that had come loose and changed the basing to match my army.

I will probably add trophies to the arm chains when time permits.

All told, this was achieved in a single evenings modelling.

Is it as good as a new bespoke Hellbrute, lovingly painted? Of course not.

Is it a usable model at a budget price and a few hours work? Hell yes!