Sunday, 22 November 2009

Vraks Campaign Strategic Turn 4 - The Second Defence Line

There was something wrong with my tanks today. Shaun opened by throwing a second wave at Hab Zone 3 in the south west. This extra pressure proved too much and the defence collapsed. The Imperials were through another line in the south.

Shaun moved a field army into pposition to threaten the second defensive line in the north, maintaining a two-fisted strategy to split the defence. I moved a field army north to cover the line, weakening my position in the south.

Victory Points
Shaun: 14
John: 9

John holds the Citadel


  1. Picture the scene
    "Now young man what role would you like in todays forward looking Imperial guard?"
    "I'd like to shoot a las cannon please sir!"
    "Mmmmm I'm not sure about that..."
    Oh Please sir, please, please, please sir!"
    "Well then how many fingers am I holding up "
    "Err four sir?"
    "Two actually but close enough for the Imperial Guard."
    And so the legendary accuracy of the Imperial Guard shooting is perpetuated...

  2. Now Shaun, one of your lascannons did actually hit the target on our last game. Admittedly, you then rolled a one...........