Friday, 12 February 2010

Skytrex 1:144 Kits - Assembled

OK, I have assembled the Skytrex Triplanes and Pushers more or less as intentended. I used brass rods on the DH2s as recommended by Stephen Blease. I strongly recommend that you read Stephen's build suggesions (see Stephen's comments at the bottom of my Skytrex posts. I half used them and wished I had followed his advice unreservedly. You will need blue tack, epoxy resin & fine brass rod. The planes are mounted on Wings of War bases. I have put a WoW Camel in the pic for comparison.

I mounted the model by cutting the lug of a short Battle Fleet Gothic flyer stand, reversing it and cementing it to the bottom of the model in the centre of gravity. It then fits straight on top of a WoW stand.


  1. Very sharp! I look forward to seeing them painted. Any specific pilots in mind?

  2. Dear Geek
    I have bought some Ospreys and will have a look for some distinctive planes.