Sunday, 28 March 2010

AEG GIV - Bomber 1916

The AEG G bombers were short range tactical bomber with an internal bomb bay between the pilot and rear gunner. Theye were not hugely successful and were often used as general fighters. They had more success as tactical night bombers as they were very easy to fly so non-tiring for the pilot. One pilot on the Italian front mounted seven raids in a single night.

They had two engine in tractor layout and a crew of three with typicaly a front and rear gunner with good arcs of fire.

Pedantic note: 'Fighter' in WWI was a general purpose warplane with two or more crew that was armed and so theoretically did not need escorting, as in Bristol Fighter. A single seater interceptor was a 'scout'.

The Skytrex model was the usual nightmare to put together. I used copper rods to hold the upper wing on and abandoned the complex struts between the upper wing and the fusalage. The decals are a particular source of irritation. They are the worst I have ever encountered in five decades of model making. Nevertheless, the finished product ain't so shabby and Skytrex are a reliable good-service company.

The camoflague is copied from a model. I think it is for night bombers.


  1. It does look similar to Luftwaffe night fighter schemes from WWII.

    I was thinking that Archer might do decals suitable for these. But I've had a quick look and cannot see any WWI aircraft stuff there.

  2. Dom's Decals do WW1 stuff and are apparently good quality.

    I agree, the colour sceme is very WWII. I copied it from a professional model maker as i could only find monochrome pics of the real thing.

  3. I do think that it looks good, John. You've managed to hit the 'looks right for the scale' nail fairly square - a testament to your steady hand.

  4. Dear John Like the bomber like Zzzzz said You have got the feel of the camoflage lets face it if you tried to go down the authentic route (i.e. 3 -5 colour hexagons in shades of blue, purple, violet,light blue and black ) you could go blind trying