Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Orky Walkers

I have assembed my new Orky walkers. I decided to make the killer cans my tank hunters so I gave them 8-strength weapons. One has a Kustom Blasta off the Dred, the other a Kustom Blasta made by adding an Old Crow gatling to a grotzooka, and a rocket launcher. Their BS-3 is positively Wild Bill Hickock by Orky standards. Giving the Dred a ranged weapon is pointless so it has three close combat weapons and a burner.


  1. Looking good - I always armed my Killa Kans with Rokkit Launchas for that exact reason, to take advantage of their (relatively) amazing BS. 3-4 CC arms on the Deff Dredd is a must as well. Love the new models they've come out with, but it's made me think about starting up Orks again and I only managed to get the green menace out of my system six months ago - I don't think my wallet can withstand another assault from the Orks... I look forward to seeing them painted up!

  2. Dear Mordian
    They are great kits, with lots of Orky extras. GW plastic kits are generally very good now, imo, which is why I am so disaapointed by the new Imperial Guard vehicle kits.

  3. Indeed - While I'll say the new chimera variants definitely go together much smoother than their elder counterparts, the customization potential dropped sharply. I had a feeling that was going to be the case and picked up a half dozen of the old Chimera kits a while back, and at this point I'm rather glad I did. The newer wave of Ork kits by contrast are a kit-basher's dream - they are simply a joy to assemble, and I find myself chortling in an Orky faux-Cockney accent while doing so. :)