Monday, 15 March 2010

Hammers Slammers - Molts

Ground Zero Games are now offering for sale the official Molt figures for the official David Drake's Hammers Slammers game as designed by yours truly and John Treadaway.

"Pack of EIGHT "Molt" figures from 5 different poses: 1 leader, 4 figures with 2cm Powerguns (2 poses), 2 figures with combat shotguns, 1 figure with buzzbomb. Reptilian primitive aliens using captured weapons, from David Drake's novel "At Any Price". Figures measure approx. 25mm from foot to eye; commissioned by John Treadaway, designs approved by David Drake, sculpted by Martin Baker and cast and sold by GZG! Sample figures in pic superbly painted by Kevin Dallimore!"

You can buy them here:

See my side bar for link to the official Slammers site.


  1. It must be great to see model for a game system you've written. Were they expensive to commission?

  2. Dear Col
    John Treadaway handles all graphic/modelling decisions so I couldn't say how it was handled. John

  3. Oh, snap! These guys look great, next order from across the pond I place, they're on it for sure.

  4. All

    I did some sketches for Dave Drake to approve and commissioned a sculptor (Martin Baker) to work up some models based on the artwork. The weapons were supplied ready sculpted by GZG as the Molts use 'found items' on the battlefield so that was appropriate (and a cost saver!). For costs it's probably best you contact the sculptor himself but you can usually expect not much change out of around eighty or ninety quid a figure, depending on complexity.

    John Treadaway