Sunday, 21 March 2010

While on the subject of Micro Art

While on the subject of Micro-Art, they have announced pre-orders for a range of infantry for their Iron Brotherhood range: Adeptus Mechanicus, Renegades, Guard?

As usual with Micro Art, top quality models but they are sold in pairs for Eight Euros a time. If you are well heeled......


  1. They're how I imagine Skitarri to look

  2. Dear Z
    Yah, they do tracked servitors as well.

  3. Their price will keep me from going for a squad for sure. If my local hobby store gets the blisters in I may have to pick up a pair to use as henchmen for an inquisitor.

  4. Yeah, they are nice, and if I was ever making a Mechanicus army I would start shopping there.