Friday, 16 March 2012

East London - Wolf In Shadow

This is an aerial picture of East London by professional photographer, Jason Hawkes. His work is superb and there is loads more on his website so follow the link for a treat.

This is exactly the area where my next novel, Wolf In Shadow, is set so I have sent a copy to my publisher. Wargamers will note the Excel building (white-edged, squarish, top left), where Salute is now held.


  1. Oh how I have crawled along that road at 11am with a ticket to the International Toy Fair and an appointment with Amy, our PR 'person' (who now writes for the Daily Raile!) an hour erlier! Yet it looks like a lovely quick through-rout in the photo, must have been taken quite late in the evening of a long Summer's day!

    Interesting also to see how the old docks were arranged on the bends to allow larger vessels to turn into them using the extra water to not stuff their propellers into the mud on the far bank.

  2. Dear Maverick
    I sometimes drive in from the other side to get to Excel. The thought of driving through the east side from Central London - ughh!
    I had not thought about the bend issue. Suspect you are right. The ships got larger and larger until you couldn't get them up the river at all.