Friday, 30 March 2012

Tank Destroyer

An M10 to add some much need firepower for my British troops faced with Panzermeks. This is the basic American model but I will probably play it as an Achilles. A thousand M10s were retrofitted with the extraordinary 17pdr anti-tank gun for the British Army, the most lethal tank killer of WWII. The same gun that was shoehorned into the Firefly.

I bought this assembled and nicely painted model on eBay and then gave it the JTS 'dirt' treatment.


  1. Thanks Phil.
    As I said the previous owner must take a lot of the credit. I did the dirtying. I'm good at that. My car is proof.

  2. Brilliant model!

    What scale is it?

    1. It is 1/48. This scale best matches 28 mm, in my opinion. 28 mm is. nominally 1/56, but not really. Corgi 1/50 also works.

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