Sunday, 20 May 2012

Warlord German Specialists

   28 mil figures from the German specialists reinforcement pack from Warlord. The flamethrower chap is fine but the panzerschreck merchants have apparently been conscripted from the Ministry of Silly Walks or the Royal Ballet.  I haven't seen poses like that since Airfix toy soldiers.

   I mean, look at that guy with the SMG. No one, but no one runs like that unless their truss is too tight - in which case a career as a Bee Gee impersonator beckons.


  1. Nice paint jobs. But no dissing Airfix. They are a (British) institution. Out of curiosity, why didn't you choose the one true scale (1:72-76) for WWII? It's cheap and there are tons of lovely toys out there for you. As for weird poses, check Revell's early WWII Germans with the lovely Unteroffizier and his crap-catcher pants.


  2. Dear John
    I hear that there is an opening on the Bee Gee impersonators circuit

  3. Dear Dimitri
    Indeed, I have a collection of Airfix, etc. But you must admit that some of those early poses with a man apparently ballet dancing on one leg were bizarre.

  4. Dear Shaun
    My comment was an example of unfortunate timing. :(

  5. Dear John
    Mine was one of blatant bad taste. re poses
    I was watching timewatch last night on BBC4
    (The last day of the war about generals especially americain ones it seems throwing men forward in the very last minutes before the Armistice); and there was some slow motion film of men running forward under fire and to be honest they looked exactly like the SMG man not sure if they were leaping trenches or small shell holes but they were definately at full stretch

  6. The American General claimed that they needed to capture a bath house, which is why they committed their troops to a suicidal charge across open land in the last hours of the war.

    Even the appaled German troops tried to wave them back - before they opened fire.