Sunday, 10 June 2012

Broadsword Show Sittingbourne

   The second year of the Broadsword WargameShow at Sittingbourne, North Kent, the next town down the estuary from Rainham, and it was more successful than ever. I met many of the people I have played wargames with over the last thirty years and had a gossip, which was great. The above photo shows models from the radio control people.

Attack on a fort.

The Age of Kings.

Small scale British airborne landing. The Rhine?

A Dark Age port.

Late antiquity.

An SF Thunder Run with Pig Iron armour.

Crooked Dice who do the wonderful 7TV.

Bolt Action, Rick Priestly's new WWII game being demo'd.

The Rainham Wargame Club at asymetric warfare.

Frontline Miniatures, Rainham's friendly manufacturer of resin miniatures.


  1. Looks a great show John ;)

  2. The airborne landing is Pegasus bridge. I only caught it at Salute in its early stages when nothing much was happening but it won best demo game there and best game at this show I believe.

  3. Hi John
    If were keeping score (which were not of course) £243.00 not sure which would be cheaper Aversion therapy or just carry on buying soldiers!

  4. Dear Monty
    It really was. Most enjoyable show of the year.

  5. Dear Steve
    Thanks, I wasn't sure which battle it depicted.

  6. Dear Paul
    Oh, it was. These local shows have some serious advantages over the big ones.