Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Scotney Castle

   On the one day when it stopped raining in Kent, we paid a visit to Scotney Castle. Here are some views of the original old castle down in the valley, where a moat could be built, and new house up on the hill, which is an 'Elizabethan' house built in the 19th C.

   I took a number of photos so more later.


  1. So jealous that you an just take a day trip to visit various castles.

  2. Dear MC
    Kent is full of them! :)

  3. Hi John
    Nice pictures your comment got me thinking just how many castles plus walled cities there are remnants (or whole ones) of in Kent
    Dover, Deal, Upnor, Canterbury (walled city with castle mostly gone), Rochester (with city walls mostly gone), Eynsford (biggish pile of rubble really), Hever, Scotney, Starkey (although really a manor house with pretentions), Cooling, (where Jools Holland lives), Allington....and thats only the ones I can remember plus the tower out at West Malling. Perhaps there is another supplement book to be had set in the 12th-16th Century
    Hail Cantia ? Baronial wars - the Armada