Thursday, 19 July 2012

Crack Up - British Army Detachments

   In Crackup the regular British Army is quality level 'elite' so has Eight Tactical Units in each detachment. I have now finished two detachments. The first, led by a captain, has two Challenger MBTs, Two Warrior IFVs with 30mm chain cannon, and four dismounts: commander/rifleteam, rifle team, two rocket launcher teams.

   The second detachment has four Challengers (they are actually Ixo diecast Challenger Is that I could not resist buying at £2.99 each from Model Zone), two rifle teams (one of which is the command team led by a lieutenant) and two rocket launcher teams.

   One more detachment based around attack helicopters and the army is finished. Elite armies don't have many troops.


  1. Nice work John! £2.99 for a tank!!!

  2. Who can resist a bargain, Ray. Not me, that's for sure.

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  4. Great stuff John! Looking forward to seeing Crackup develop ;) tell me, where did you source the British infantry from?

  5. Dear Monty
    The British Infantry are Caeser 1/72 plastics.

  6. Hi John
    I raided Modelzone in Maidstone on Sunday and came away with an Abrams, 3 Challengers,
    a Jagdpanther, a Sherman and 3 T34's for about £43 quid (the Challengers were the expensive bit) the modern stuff is all in desert camo so if you fancy an oil based intervention sometime I've got the tanks