Monday, 30 July 2012

War & Peace: The Waffen SS

Well, it wouldn't be a re-enactment show without the jolly chaps of the Waffen SS turning up for their annual defeat in the arena. Mind you, the closest they got to Kent in reality was in the POW ships. A nice Panther and note that the canny stormtroopers have got an AA cannon set up to chase off the dreaded Typhoons.

Some of the Waffen SS were a trifle 'portly'. I am not sure which unit is represented but it is clearly not the Hitler Youth.

Sig 33?

Okay, so its the Panzer Lehr.

The Kubelwagon.

They do seem obsessed with air defence.

OK, the least said about Villers Bocage the better. Not the British Armies finest hour.


  1. Great pictures. I didn't see the Motorcycle side-car. Guess it was being used when I was there.

  2. Dear Lee
    There was so much there that no one could see it all.

  3. My action man had a sentry box like that. It was in the "escape from Colditz" set I think. I was very young, its all getting a bit blurred.

  4. Wow, that Panther is one awesome looking tank!

  5. Dear zzzzz
    I remember Action Man. I had the SBS 'frogman'.

  6. Dear Steve
    That's what the British Army thought in Normandy - except I believe they used more colourful language - particularly when referring to British Tank designers.

  7. Good pics, thanks for sharing.