Saturday, 29 September 2012

"Roderick Spode" Armoured Brigade

 The Royal Tank Regiment flatly refused to support either King Edward or Mosley in the Civil War so Roderick Spode's Blackshorts had to create their own Armoured Brigade, the "Roderick Spode", from old WWI light tanks that they acquired. The column was led by a company of Whippets (Emhar kit) with two battalions of French Renault FT 17s built in Spain, each of two companies of MG tanks and one company of HE armed.

Note there are no tank killers as tanks are not there to fight other tanks.

The FTs are from the HaT fast build kits. You get two sprues, tanks, in a box for around £7 and each one has only seven parts. They are great for wargaming.


  1. Great job John - love the camo scheme and Squadron in general!

  2. Dear Paul
    The camo is based on one actually used, although I'm not sure by whom or when. :)

  3. Nice looking Brigade. Where did you get the FT17s. I wanted some a couple of months ago and couldn't get those HaT ones for love nor money. Apparently the company were no longer making them?

    1. Got them on EBay. There were more on offer.

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