Wednesday, 5 September 2012

St Augustine Brigade: Cavalry Command

I have painted up a command unit for my St Augustine (Canterbury) cavalry command unit.

I intend to develop a Kent Campaign for the 1938 British Civil War.  The Forces at the moment are as follows.

British Army/RAF/RN
There are three army units, the East Kents, the Buffs, the West Kents and the Yeomanry, the sharpshooters. The Yeomanry are field artillery and the others infantry. Theoretically these are under the control of King Edward.

The RAF is technically under the control of the King but No 500, Kent Squadron, armed with Hawker Harts and Furies has defected to the Church.

The RN favours Prince Albert, the Lord Protector.

Anglican League St Augustine Cavalry Brigade.
Under the control of the Church of England. I envisage cavalry, lancers, mechanised infantry and horse artillery.

Rural Militias
Land owners, their employees and small farmers. They are antichurch but otherwise non-aligned. Light weapons only

Trade Union Militias/Workers Army
Socialist, anti-facist and anti King Edward. These are found around the industrial regions such as Chatham. They tend to be disorganised and democratic. Armed with light weapons but ingenious at creating home made equipment.

Communist Columns
 Stalinist shock troops armed by Russia. Loathed by everyone else, especially the Workers Army.

British Union of Fascists
The stormtroopers of Prime Minister Mosley. They are represented in Kent largely by Spode's Black Short Legion.

And then there are the wierdos.....

Rules? I may use Rapid Fire as I am playing this in 20mm.

Now to create a map!


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this project, especially doing it in 20mm. You've peaked my interest in the period and I've got the Solway books on my list of future buys.

  2. Dear Pagumb
    The whole idea is great fun. I chose 20mm partly as a cost saving measure and partly because the battles invisaged in the Solway rules are on the scale of Rapid Fire. 28mm just doesn't look right to me for games where the minimum unit is a company.

  3. It will be interesting to see what figs you use for the factions involved.pretty cool idea.

  4. Dear Tsold
    The advantage of 1/72 is not just the massive range of plastic figures but also the 1:76 HO/OO railway stuff. The railway people are very into mid twentiest centurey stuff, steam engines and all that.