Sunday, 4 November 2012

This is now up on the Maelstrom Site. I guess this is it guys. Real shame.

"This site is currently offline due to maintenance. Check back soon!"


  1. But the question is: do they will fulfill the pending orders?

    1. Good question. I'm not a lawyer.

      Not IF they have declared bankruptcy and ceased trading. Lane has a new company set up and ready to go www.eye-of-the-storm but I doubt that it will honour Maelstrom orders in the above circumstance.

      Still anyone ordering from a company offering ever more fantastic 'warehouse-move' sales had to realise they were taking a punt.

  2. Real Shame. Really? I have an outstanding order with Maelstrom since August and have not been afforded the courtesy of even one email in response to my queries on my 'missing' order. Clearly far too busy using my and others injection of cash flow to keep the bankers from the door. And note, this was before the 'ever more fantastic warehouse move' sale promotions you rightly identify. I wasn't taking a 'punt'. I was placing an order in good faith in a period of assumed legal and lawful trading. Like the previous several hundred quids worth of orders I have placed with Maelstrom over the years. Do you know this guy personally, John? You clearly have a degree of sympathy for him? (I also note your previous commentary/posts on Maelstroms' trading position). To know that this guy has created a new site with which to trade again, with what would appear to be no intention of fulfilling 'old' Maelstrom orders, makes me want to pay a visit to Mansfield and 'discuss things over' with Lane face to face. Maybe I'll just pick my outstanding order for packing direct from the shelves of his 'bricks and mortar' store (what an insult) and save him the hassle/courtesy of a response. What ever the circumstances, for Lane/Maelstrom to be afforded any form of sympathy is a naive display of 'war-gaming community loyalty'.