Thursday, 22 August 2013

Assembling Warlord Bolt Action AFVs

After spending the morning doing my tax returns, I occupied myself more productively in the afternoon by assembling some 28 ml AFVs.

From Left to Right, front to back, first up is the Morris Armoured Car. This prewar AFV served with the 12th Royal Lancers in France, 1940, as a reconnaissance car. A nice resin and metal kit, it needs a crew to finish it off as it has an open roof.

Then I have a Pz I. A training light tank that was never intended for combat it was one of the major combat vehicles of the panzer divisions in '39 and '41. round 1,500 were made.

Above the Panzer is a Hanomag with a 37mm AT Gun used as a fire support vehicle. This is new and is a great plastic and metal kit. The crew come with it.

Top left is an A10 Cruiser Tank Mk II. This was basically an A9 with extra armour. It was intended as an infantry support tank but was reclassified as a 'heavy cruiser'. It fought with 1st Armoured Division in France, 1940. The tracks for this are a pain. I didn't check they were straight before fitting them resulting in a need for filler.

And finally a PzIV D support tank with a light howitzer. The D was the first model produced in bulk, about 250. It was used from '39 to '42 but some still turned up at Normandy in '44.

PS You may notice a theme developing.


  1. Is the Theme something with the Pacific? *laugh* All great looking vehicles...

  2. They look fab. I never knew these existed and I could use that sort of stuff for my VCBW, rapidly failing, project. Must look out for some. Cheers.