Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hurricane's and Spitfires in Kent

Popped in to the Headcorn Airfield for the Combined Ops Military Show. As you might expect of a Kent airshow there were Hurricanes and Spitfires on display.

Above a non-flying example of a 1940 Battle of Britain Hurricane.

And here is one in the air, delighting the crowds.

It had a duel with an old enemy, an Me 108 playing the role of a 109.

And a lady in costume on a static model of a Spitfire.


  1. "They're Messerschmitts!"



  2. Excited pilot, 'I saw this Fokke in my sites so I let him have it'.

    BBC interviewer, 'I should explain to the listeners that a Fokke is a type of German aircraft'.

    Pilot, 'yes and this Fokke was a Messerschmitt.'