Friday, 2 August 2013

Bolt Action: '88 Flak Gun

This is a Warlord Games Bolt Action '88 Flak Gun.

I built the main gun a while back but, as part of my summer drive to finish things off, I have added the carriages. The gun could be fired from the carriage with the side bars down to stabilise the base. This is the most likely format that one would find in a Bolt Action type encounter as it conferred higher mobility on the gun. It couldn't exactly be dug in in any format but then it hardly needed to be given its effective range.

In the anti-tank role this weapon was only matched by the British 17 pdr.


  1. Nice, I keep looking at this for Bolt Action, a bit high in point cost but does a little AA, Anti Tank or Artillery all in one.

  2. It is one hell of a gun, but as you say: a lot of points in one very vulnerable basket.

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