Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bolt Action: VBCW: Polish Tank

This is a Polish 7TP light tank, essentially another Vickers E 6 tonner with a raised rear hull for an improved motor.

This is the variant with two small one man turrets armed with machine guns intended for trench clearing. The idea was that your drive up to the trench and then the turrets swing to fire down it in both directions.

The 7TP, like all Vickers E variants was a decent 1930s tank and a good match for equivalent German armour.

I chose to use another unusual prewar camo scheme with block paint coverage. Funnily enough something similar resurfaced in the cold war in Berlin where British armour used a monochrome block camo.

The model is 28 ml resin and metal from Warlord Games. The only problem I had was that the turret plugs were way bigger than the sockets so I had to cut them off and sand down the underside of the turrets. Positioning was then a little tricky.

A nice kit for interwar scenarios including VBCW.


  1. That is a very nice model and lovely painted too and yes I can see it making its way into a VBCW game or two.

  2. I've never seen the block colour scheme before other than on the Berlin Brigade tanks. However it is rather nice and has given me some ideas, especially after a trip to Bovington Tank Museum yesterday:).

  3. Really nice!
    Ordered some lotr movement bases for my bolt action armies on line to pick up from the notts store 10 days ago. Went to pick them up today not there no longer being made!!! Refunding my PayPal apparently something big is happening Thursday!
    Bring back the old GW