Monday, 21 April 2014

Broken Empires Freikorps: Partisans: VBCW

Some figures from the Shattered Empires range at Scheltrum, who have one of ther most useless websites in the business. Come on guys, people need to see your models to buy them.

These are 'ragged freikorps' but I have painted them as partisans. This range is suitable for all interwar militia or WWII partisans.

As black propaganda, the OSS changed the words Deutsches Reich (German Empire) to Futsches Reich - which could be translated as 'shattered empire'.


  1. I think they look rather fine John. I looked at them and them looked a little flat, but now seeing them painted I think I might invest

  2. They paint up nicely. They have a slightly cartoony feel, big heads and hands, but I rather like that. It sits the style of the period.