Thursday, 10 April 2014

Bolt Action: VBCW: Belgians

Finished my Bolt Action Belgian reinforced section.

This is a police squad with a regular officer (in the French Helmet) reinforced by a mg armed tankette and a Boys anti-tank rifle team.

The units could be added to any French or British detachment as allies for the battle of the Low Countries in 1940. They also make good VBCW comrades. I will probably use them as regulars for the Chatham Soviet.


  1. Very nice troops there and I have seen more than one of them make there way onto a VBCW table painted as BUF

  2. I love the fact that you can inter change figures for the SCW, AVBCW and in many cases early WWII. Your Belgians are a case in point:).

    1. Yes, one can get a great deal of mileage out of a set of unusual figures.