Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Review, Warhammer AoS Android App.

The home page of the AoS app.

GW have moved into the digital age with Android apps. The first is a Warhammer app that I haven't reviewed because it's just an advertising news pump that clogs up one's tablet.  

The second is more interesting.  It's an Age of Signar app. The resolution is excellent - see above.

It's basically a reader into which you can download starts for what looks like all the fantasy models.  GW being GW, there has to be a bit of anti -customer spitefulness so you can't download the battalion scrolls for the battalions included in the AoS starter set unless you buy a copy of the starter set through, I presume, the app.

But on the whole this is a nice little free app. And I commend it to fellow wargamers. 


  1. Just skimmed through them, but I did download the basic rules, as well as the Empire and Bretonnian factions. Nice and clear, but not sure if I'll play them.

  2. I like the app because it puts all of the units and rules in the same place. That is a really convenient feature. Easy army for bolt action is quite nice, but lacking rules mean we have to suffer all of those index-less books. If I could have you do one thing John, it would be for you to beg warlord to add indexes.

    1. You can't do an index until the book is laid out so it's added at the end - i.e. Osprey would need to do it rather than Warlord - the last time I did one was for Warmaster... takes ages!

    2. From the horses mouth, John. It may be worth you writing to Osprey.

  3. Oh god the lack of indexes! The only major failing in an otherwise perfect game