Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Antares - Skirmish At Lordswood

The Colonia at Lordswood goes off air so a security unit of the Concord Military is sent to investigate. It consists of an officer and aides, a small tactical unit and two light support drones.

The Concord TU carefully moves into the plantation as there scanners show evidence of Ghar gravitonic activity.

Ghar fighting vehicles are detected within the compound. The drones are sent out to the flanks to give fire support.

The Concords are suroprised by a Ghar close combat unit and a short range firefight develops.

The Ghar unit is wiped out but not before mauling the Concord TU.

A second Ghar fire-support unit is trapped between the buildings and pulverised by drone fire from the front and rear.

My first proper Beyond the Gates of Antares game, 400 pts a side.

Great fun: looking forward to more.


  1. Very cool figures and terrain, John. I've seen a lot of folks playing these rules - one I've not tried before. Maybe a reason to get out my Space Marines :)

    1. Basically Bolt Action in space. They are good. Worth giving them a try. The models are neat as well.

  2. Just got my set and I'm reading through the book now while pondering color schemes...