Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Review 7TV - Version II

Last night I played 7TV version II with Mik H. Neither of us had played before so we chose a simple introductory scenario.

The first think I noticed that in comparison to version I, it was so much quicker and easier to create a force from scratch. Boss Hoggs boys, headed by co-star leather-clad sadist Travis, took all of five minutes to create from the preprogrammed convenient cards - that incidentally have all relevant information written on.

Mik fielded Prof. Tweedy's vigilantes.

The game has been rewritten and cleaned out from the bottom up. All those fiddley counters that made 7TV such a pain to play are gone. Now you have but one action marker set that act as the resource control for everything. Another change (from what I remember of the old game) is that you feed these markers in as you decide to use them during the turn.

The new game most closely resembles Batman, in that it is a resource-controlled skirmish game. However, Batman involves setting up resource counters onto a control board at the start of each turn rather like a Star Trek battle - "more power to the shields Scotty". 7TV II just feeds them in as they are used and no control board is necessary.

This makes t7TV more fluid, faster, and more in keeping with a TV show.

The end of the game. Boss Hogg and Travis expended their cheap minions freely and took out all Tweedy's people.

I always loved the idea of 7TV but disliked the execution. Version II is better in every way. It's more like a new game than a reboot.

Loved it: Highly recommended.

My thanks to Mik for teaching me the rules.


  1. Cool I hesitated buying till i spoke to other gamers and got the box set, does look faster. thank you for report

  2. Awesome. I was really happy to see the DANGER 5 miniatures. Made me keen to try to the game out. Sounds like it is much improved. cheers

    1. Danger 5 was an Antipodean show, wasn't it? Not seen it.