Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Review Antares Medium Stanchion Building

Dropped in on my friend Shaun to blag a cup of coffee to find he was working on his lasercut Antares buildings.

He has finished the Medium kit.

What struck me about the model is that it is much larger than I had imagined from the photo. It is well designed for wargaming with steps you can actually put a figure on. The steps are on a separate stand and lock into the main building at the top without gluing so they can be stored seperately, which is a great space saver. You could also put a more vertical ladder onto the main model as an alternative.

The theme is all very colonial 'Star Wars' looking. Not sure why I think that but I do. Nice to see something that looks a little different. I can see these being used for fantasy and Lost World games

I like it and at £13 it is good value.



  1. There are some cool walkways that join the sections together too :)

    1. Are these walkways available yet? I haven't seen them.

    2. Walkways!!! Now I know why I keep thinking of Star Wars......Ewoks.

  2. Hi John
    Just a quick price check this one is only £12 the large one is £13

  3. oops II I found the plans it's the small one