Wednesday 29 June 2016

Poseidon's Warriors - Sea Eagles of Empire

A friend of mine who has just submitted a PhD on Roman Kent has published a history book on the Classis Britannica.

It will be out in August and is now on advance order.

"The Roman war machine comprised land and naval forces. Although the former has been studied extensively, less has been written and understood about the naval forces of the Roman Empire. 

Britain’s navy, known as Classis Britannica until the mid-third century, was a strong fighting force in its own right. Its vessel types, personnel, tactics, roles and technology have never been studied in depth. Here in Sea Eagles of Empire Simon Elliott explores the story of this famed naval force, through the reigns of several Roman emperors, discussing the important role it played in military campaigns all across Europe and in policing the waters of the Roman Empire in Britain."


Monday 27 June 2016

Antares C3M4 Combat Drone - Painted

Finally painted my Anteres drone.

Sprayed it a gloss diamond white and then used an oil-based gloss patina varnish for weathering.

A very simple technique that gives a 'field' appearance.

Another view with a different main gun (there are three interchangeable types).

Sunday 26 June 2016

Life On Mars

Popped over to my friend Shaun's last week for a game that he'd set up. The Martians were on the move against Imperial Japan.

A small group of Imperial Japanese Navy marines move to intercept the Martian forces.

The Japanese are supported by automata designed by Professor Sony. In the background you can see a reconnaissance balloon.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Osprey Poseidon's Warriors - First Review

The first reviews of my new book are up on the web.




Many thanks to the gamers who took the trouble to look at the rules.


Note: I will use this blog to answer rules queries as they come up.

Q: If a ship has 2 or more artillery (platforms), may i roll 1D6 for each in an artillery attack? It´s not clear in the rules.
Michael D.

Yes, each artillery engine on a ship may attack a target. Roll a D6 for each engine.
John Lambshead

Monday 13 June 2016

Broadsword Wargames Show - Kent

The quality of the display games at Broadsword was astonishingly high. US Marines attack in the Pacific under air cover provided by a P38 Lightning flying very, very low.

An Old Crow VTOL lands on a pad downtown in the colony slums.

On the Rainham Club stand the BUF assault the churchyard in a Very British Civil War.

But the Kent Miners Action Column is ready for them.

The Medway Club demonstrating 7TV II.

Sunday 5 June 2016

Steampunk Mars

This is what Mars may have looked like before the solar wind stripped its atmosphere when it was warm enough for water to exist as a liquid.

A series of delta - type structures all at the same height suggest that there was a water table near our even above the surface for most of the northern hemisphere.  Of the table was above the surface then a shallow ocean may have covered all the blue areas.

The lack of a detectable coastline suggests otherwise but there are ways that coastline might have been smoothed out,  such as tsunamis.

Anyway, this is a potential early Mars.

I feel a steampunk plot coming on.