Thursday 31 December 2020

Warcry Catacombs Buildings

 The Warcry Catacombs set is one of the best value boxes currently available from GeeDubya.

Alongside the two warbands, one gets a ton of terrain. These are the buildings included. The smaller scatter terrain is used for Catacomb scenarios while the larger buildings are designed for above ground scenarios.

Of course, this is also very useful Age of Sigmar terrain.

Saturday 26 December 2020

Indomitus Primaris Blood Angels Characters

 The five Space Marine 'character figures painted as Blood Angels.

Space Marine Captain with Power sword and Lieutenant with volkite pistol.

Chaplain with Crozius and Judiciar with executioner blade and temperomortis engine.

Bladeguard Ancient with Astartes Banner.

Sunday 13 December 2020

Blood Angels Primaris Captain: First Model of a New Army


Way, way, back in the dawn of time I had a Blood Angels Army based around one of the original metal Dreds and a load of the first starter set 40K. They were orange in those days, as I recall.

Finally getting around to opening my new Indomitus set, I was going to just add them to my Ultrasmurf Army. But then I had a radical idea: why not paint an army operating beyond The Great Tear in Space? Blood Angels are the obvious choice, especially as Dante is now Head Honcho of half the galaxy.

I went for a dark look for the captain, especially on the shield. These are dark days, after all. Anyway, I hate the white shields.

I will probably paint the line troops a little more brightly.

More clickable photos below.

Tuesday 8 December 2020

Review: Warcry Catacombs - the gibbets



The amount of scenery in the Catacombs set is stunning and I am slowly working through it. As well as 'boardgame' type scenery for the Catacomb boards, one gets a wodge of above ground Sigma ruins stuff. 

Sigma scenery has been a bit yuk in the past requiring copious amount of filler but this went together fine and looks terrific with loads of detail.

More, much more, to come.

Saturday 5 December 2020

Review; Warcry Catacombs Scions of the Flame


Scions of the Flame Warband

Scions are a Chaos cult from the Realm of Fire. They hunt magnavores and salamanders, eating their flaming hearts in ceremonies more 'orrible than a Church of England jumble sale. They worship the fire and channel flames through their living tissue. They yearn to join the forces of the Everchosen to take part in the Great Final Flaming Apocolypse that will consume the Realms. They also collect for the Aqshy Orphans Benevolent Fund.

The models are much more chunky that the Shadowstalker Set also found in the Catacombs box so they are easier to put together and will, I surmise, be more robust for gaming.

They also paint up really well.

The Brazen Lord

The Brazen Lord, on the left is the leader of the warband. The figure on the right is the Warband Champion. Naturally he has a double-handed flaming battle axe for keeping discipline in the band by judicious decapitations - as you do.

Both superb models.

Character Models

On the left is an Immolater. This is a Scion who is so pious that he has burst into eternal flames - all the better for a bit o' burnin'.

The centre figure is a Fireborn: these are the Warband warrior class.

The right hand figure is an Inferno priest, the warband's spiritual advisor. This is the only figure that I'm a bit iffy about. I'm not sure I like the staff and the flame squirting sideways out of his sword seems to me more amusing that threatening. 

Sword Fodder

Another Fireborn, on the left, propels two Scion Initiates into combat. If nothing else they might blunt their opponents weapons....with their skulls.

In conclusion, a superb set of fantasy minis. I think they have utility outside of warcry, possibly as cultists, maybe even in 40K as a Witch Fire Cult.

Friday 4 December 2020

A Life on the Ocean Wave


The Fleets

I have been painting and basing some miniature battleship-era navies, recently. My interest ranges from the later pre-Dreadnought battleships to the super Dreadnoughts of WWI.

On the left are Royal Navy WW1 1:3000 models from Davao. This is a powerful formation of 5 Queen Elizabeth Class and 5 Royal Sovereign Class ‘modern’ battleships, escorted by 3 C Class cruisers and 3 Destroyer flotillas.

To the right are 1:2400 pre-Dreadnought minis from Tumbling Dice. The light coloured decks are Russian and the dark brown decks, Japanese.

This is my story, this is my song,
We’ve been in commission too bleedin’ long
Roll on the Nelson, the Rodney, Renown.
This two funnel bastard is getting me down.