Tuesday 24 November 2020

40k Battleforce Boxes, Prices and Discounts


Space Marine Interdiction Force

£120 or 46% discount

Necron Eradication Legion

£125 or 59% discount

Chaos Marine Decimation Warband

£12p or 38% discount

Tau Starpulse Cadre 

£125 or 50% discount 

Imperial Guard Bastion Platoon

£120 or 50%

Tyranid Brood Swarm

£125 or 52%

The discounts are pretty tasty at around half price, although how good that is depended on whether one actually wants the models.

The Space Marine box includes many newish models that people may not already have but the IG box models have whiskers on.

Oh well, you pays your money and you makes your choice.


The photos are from the Games Workshop Site

The data is from the Auspex Tactics YouTube channel.

Sunday 22 November 2020

Review: Warcry Catacombs Khainite Shadowstalker Models

Khainite Shadowstalker Warband

Warcry is possibly my favourite game to have emerged from the GW stable in recent years and it goes from strength to strength with the release of the new Catacomb 'complete game in a box'.

Shadowstalkers are the first non-chaos unique warband for Warcry, given that Morathi's Khainite goon squads are on the side of Order - theoretically, at least.

Khainite Shadowstalkers are Morathi's Double Ohs. They wear the mircath cloak that gifts power over shadows but binds the wearer to the Queen's psychotic will.

Assembling the eight models was a bit of a pain because the bits were arranged like 3D puzzles and the parts involve very narrow brittle plastic weapons and connections. No matter how I tried, I ended up breaking pieces as I tried to fit the fiendishly designed components together while getting everything covered in glue.

And no, dry fitting first doesn't always help. You get two odd shaped bits to dry-fit after a titanic struggle involving odd twisting motions like masonic handshakes. Then you get them apart, add glue, repeat and they now wont go together...gibber.

I chose a fairly vanilla weapon load-out, following the box art: there are plenty of options on the sprues.

The finished models, though, are amazing...with the one proviso that I worry how they will stand up to travel and repeated handling.

Shroud Queen

I decided to use dark purple-blue shades that I think reflected the zeitgeist of the collection. Silver is the contrasting spot colour because I associate 'silvery' with the moon and moonshadows.

The enigmatic Shroud Queen is, of course, the warband leader.


These are the warband's sword-fodder. The one on the left has cursed swords and on the right, an umbral spear.

I love the 'Spy versus Spy' look of the right hand model.

Darkflame & Shroudblade

The Darkflame hero has repeater crossbows - all very Dark Elf.


Another character armed with the whip of, er, something or other nasty.

Shroudblade & Darkflame

The Darkflame character is armed with a flaming hand...must be good....right?


Sunday 15 November 2020

Maggotkin of Nurgle Flying Corps


Lord of Afflictions & Pusgoyle Blightlord

As every phule kno, air support is vital to any army's success and the Maggotkin are no exception. Indeed, Nurgle forces are so slow that air cavalry is a highly useful asset. An eight inch move does not exactly make these fast movers but given that most Maggotkin move at five or even 4 inches....

I bought these model a couple of years ago but they were only finished as part of my lockdown clearup.