Monday 31 May 2010

Oh Wow, A Steampunk Attack Bike!

Maxmini, who do some lovely stuff, have just announced a new model - a steampunk attack bike with guns and electrolance. I want - drool!

It is 28ml (40K scale).

Read more about it here:

Saturday 29 May 2010

Spearhead - a review.

I escorted the mem'sahib to the Churchill Theatre in Bromley to see Wife after Death with Tom Conti (Shirly Valentine). I have to say it was excellent. The very funny script was written by Eric Chappell (Rising Damp) and the actors were superb. The mem'sahib bumped into Tom Conti when we left and got a smile and greeting, so she is in a good mood.

On the way home I picked up a copy of White Dwarf.

Spearhead can be played with Codex armies or by adding to/replacing conventional armies with 'Spearhead Formations' - more about them later.

Speahead games are played lengthways down the table. My first thought is that is likely to lead to a choked die-rolling slugfest with no room to manouvre, unless one (i) restricts points and, (ii) uses heavy terrain. Of course a slugfest is, I guess, the whole point.

In Spearhead all Troop, Tank, Walker, and Spearhead units are scoring.

There are three new Missions:
1. Breakthrough - one has to get troops into the opponent's table half to score VPs.
2. Lightning War (shouldn't that be Blitzkrieg?) - Control of three terrain 'objective counters' scores VPs. In addition, wrecked enemy superheavies (where did they come from?) are objectives.
3. Vital Ground - As above but with the addition of a vital objective worth triple VPs.

And three new Deployment Types:
1. Counter Attack - both sides start in arrow head formations nose-to-nose.
2. Cauldron - Players start on back lines 36" apart.
3. Escalation - Players start 18" apart.

Spearhead Formation Units are on the GW website but cunningly hidden so as to be almost impossible to find without the investigative skills of Sherlock Holmes, so I have added the page address here:

Note: You will get the 'national page' first, but click on your nationality choice and the system should drop you on the right page. There is a pdf to download.

Spearhead Units consist of:
1. Armoured Spearhead - Assault tanks with extra protection (5+ invulnerable save).
2. Ambush Spearhead - Camoflagues tanks or walkers that have the Infiltrate or Scout special rules (but may not start in Reserve).
3. Mechanised Assault Spearhead - Transport vehicles that can make an outflank attack on the first turn.
4. Tank Hunter Spearhead - Tank or walkers that have the tank hunter special rule.
5. Archeotech Spearhead - Tanks or walkers with S+1 weapons (that are unstable).
6. Outrider Spearhead - One vehicle can shield (take hits for) another.
7. Skyfall Spearhead - Deep-striking skimmers.
8. Monstrous Spearhead - Monsters with extra Special Rules (such as Fleet).
9. Mass Attack Spearhead - Human (or whatever) wave attack with anti-tank thermite bombs.
10. Cruiser Spearhead - Ramming tanks.
11. Seek & Destroy Spearhead - Bikes or fast skimmers that can turbo-boost AND shoot once.
13. Super-Heavy Spearhead - So that's where the super-heavies come from! Each one takes a penetrating hit before the game starts.

Apparently, more spearhead units are under development.

I have to say that I feel inspired by this supplement. There is a great deal of good stuff here - much more than in Cityfight or Planet Strike. I am puzzled, but delighted, that it is free.

Nice one GW.

New Cull at GW

A new cull is underway at GW shops in southern England. They appear to be giving all part timers the boot. Very strange as most retail chains value part timers because they offer flexibility.

Thursday 27 May 2010

Space Girl and Martian

Another large breasted space girl, this time with an HG Wells Martian carrying a heat ray gun. The space girl is a Fenryll resin model that I have had for some time but decided to improve the paint job with some layering. The Martian is a Space Vixens From Mars model. It is made of white metal so is too heavy for a Black Cat crystal base so I have mounted him on a larger resin base - with ruined Martian temple. Note the Martian mosaic floor.

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Zhufor Khorne Lord

As the prous owner of IG8, I decided to try to finish up my armies from IG 5-7.

This is the Zhufor Khorne Lord figure from Forge World mounted on a bought in resin base. I left his cloak off because it just did not look right.

It is painted in Humbrol Railway Acrylic with layers of Revell Fiery Red on top. I am no Golden Daemon painter by any means but I do think I am starting to get the hang of this layering lark. The brass is painted with Citadel Black/ TinBitz/ Shining Gold and the trophy skeleton's coat from the dark and medium bluw from the Citadel Foundation range.

More pics below.

Monday 24 May 2010

The Dread Mob

The gem in the new Forge World book (Imperial Armour 8, Raid on Kastorel-Novum, Review to follow) is the Ork Dread Mob Codex.I have a half finished Orky army so I shuffled it around a bit to put together a small 1,350 point Dread Mob, Brazza's Quick Reaction Mob. The Theme of this army is mobility.

My first choice is the HQ - Brazza Big Mek, with a Kustom Mega Blasta, 'Eavy Armour and a couple of grot oilers. [I could alsdo have taken a Painboss or a Kustom Meka Dread as HQ choices).
Cost 65 pts.

Brazza has a Mekboy Junka as his dedicated transport. It is kustomised wiv a Big Zappa in a turret.
Cost 105 pts. [The Big Zappa can be upgraded to a Shokk Attack Gun for +70pts].

A small Loota Mob travels wiv da Boss, so he can keep an eye on the thieving gitz. Consists of two Death Skulls wiv da Deff Guns and three Meks wiv Rokkits and Big shoota.
This is my only Heavy Support choice (alternatives include: Mega Dread, Looted Wagon, Lifta Wagon, and Big Track
Cost: 85pts.

Brazza has a small Deff Dread Mob of one dread. (Troop Choice).
Cost 100pts.

Fizzogs Spanna Boyz come along for the ride with a Scrap Trukk (dedicated transport). Fizzog is a Mek wiv a Kustom Mega Blasta.
Cost: 157pts.

Cutta's Spanna Boyz as to yomp it, cuz some thieving Death Skull as nicked their Trukk. Cutta is a Mek wiv da Burna.
Cost: 160pts.
[There was also supposed to be a Gretchin Scavenger Mob along as anuuva Troop Choice, but the cowardly wozzaks have run off and hid somewhere]

A small Killa Kan Mob wiv Kustom Blasta, Rokkits, and Grotzooka (Fast Attack).
Cost: 180pts

Five of WreckDoffen's Flyboyz in DeffKoptas added their support after some unsubtle armtwisting from Brazza, who maintains their Fightas (Fast Attack Choice). They have Rokkits and Big Bombz. [Alternative Fast Attack Choices might have included Grot Tanks or a Warkopta].
Cost: 300pts

Other potential Elite Choices include Junkas, Grot Tanks, Burna Boyz, and a Cybork Slasha Mob.
Note: their are no Nobz, 'Ard Boyz, Buggies, or Bikes

Sunday 23 May 2010

Massive Black Art

I like to browse web sites searching for inspiration from various real artists.

These pics are from a commercial art site:

They have dozens (hundreds?) of pics of people, aliens, machines, monsters, etc, and is well worth a look. These are just a couple of SF plane pics I downloaded.

Saturday 22 May 2010

Test for extreme geekiness

Further comment from me would be superfluous.

Orky Lifta Droppa

I bought a copy of Imperial Guard Eight - The Orks. It is very good IF you are an Ork player. I will put up a full review when I have had time to digest it.

In the meantime, her is one of the new models - a lifta droppa (tractor beam)

Thursday 20 May 2010

New Government's Cuts Start to Bite

British Police Force denies that government financial cutbacks will have an influence on police activities.

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Fiendish Fabrications

I keep stumbling across new miniature manufacturers. I don't know whether the hobby is on the up or it's simply a product of the web allowing small manufacturers to reach a dispersed audience. Above are a new evil scarecrow range from Fiendish Fabrications of Oz.

They make a few other models. This one caught my eye. Sweeny Todd lives. Did you know he was probably entirely mythical, like spring-heeled Jack. FF do some very nice ranges of Malifaux-like and steampunk base inserts. I like the clockwork ones.

Quoth the Raven, Nevermore.

Sunday 16 May 2010

Dredd Is Back

Mongoose Games have announced that they are to relaunch a Judge Dredd miniatures game.

This will apparently be bigger and better in every way than the old Gangs of Mega City One. There will apparently be new minis as well as rerelease of old ones.

The rules will be posted free on the Mongoose website, which seems something of a change from their usual business model.

This is possibly connected with the new Dredd movie by DNA films (Love Actually) out in 2012.

Mongoose have an indifferent record on miniature games. Some of us still remember Starship Troopers but I await events with interest.

Saturday 15 May 2010

The Camels Are Coming

Regular readers of this blog, i.e. my daughters and son in law (he likes a laugh) will have noted that I have taken on my friend Shaun Murphy on a number of occasions at Wings of War - and have had my clock-cleaned each time. I therefore challenged Shaun to a grudge match. This time my gallant lads of the Royal Flying Corps would triumph. This time it would be different. I chose two Camels, arguably the best British scout, and supported them by a Tripehound. Shaun ga;llantly opposed me with a couple of Roland two seaters and a single scout, albeit the exceptional Fokker DVII.

I charged straight in with the Camels to use concentrated fire on a single Roland, while sending the manoeurable but fragile Tripehand out to the wing.

The plan worked perfectly. I shot up the Roland, split the camels and came back in with another round of fire from both scouts, shooting the poor Hun to shreds. The two seater fired back once with his pathetic little gun - and hit one of the Camels in the fuel tank causing it to explode in flames. A perfectly clean, two gunned Camel just burst into flames from a popgun. The Roland required four Camel bursts!!!

I was really up against it now. The Triplane came in on the surviving Roland's tail and got set on fire bya pathetic little burst from the two-seater's rear gun. The fire spread and the Triplane rolled over and crashed. The sole remaining Camel's guns jammed. It disengaged and ran for home.

Would anyone like to buy a Wings of War set - going cheap.

Friday 14 May 2010

Da Giant Copta

Forge World's latest Orky release. I can see myself making one of these for my Orky Flying Circus. It strikes me that a Deffcopta could make the front and the rear could be scratchbuilt. Hmmm. Must cogitate (it's not illegal, honest).

Pulp Space Girl & Robot - Salute

On the red crystal moon Zog, a space girl with enormous breasts captures the mad scientist's robot by 'freezing' it with a blast from her ray gun.

Salute Limited Edition Figures 2010 plus Black Cat resin bases.

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Scribor Nurgle SM Lord

Oh WOW, look at this new mini from Scribor.
I just have to have one of these for my Nurgle Vraks army.
OK, it's not cheap at 19Euros and my wife may have to go without food for a bit but I am sure she will understand.

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Nurgle Renegades - Muties With Guns

A bunch of Nurgle renegade muties based on Warhammer Ghouls, or somesuch. The guns are cut down 28ml AK47 rifles. Bases are bought in resin models.

I used a mixture of layered painting, Army Painter dip, and Citadel Satin Varnish. The aim was to do a fairly fast job.

Monday 10 May 2010

Price Rises

The Dark Sphere shop in central London warns of GW price rises on 1st June. Some are small but others are 25% increases, eg the Aegis Line.

If you need something then it might be wise to buy it now.

More Bloated Zombies - 4A Miniatures

I have come across a new miniatures company. They seem to be springing up like mushrooms. :)

This one is called Four A:

It has a small range at the moment but I do like their zombies-muties.

Sunday 9 May 2010

People Counter

I have run Google Analytics on this blog for about ten months. I just checked it to find that 29,997 unique visiters have been to the site.

Saturday 8 May 2010

Hot Fuzz

"Is sir aware of the severe penalties for parking on a double yellow line?"

"When I say run, run!"

Or Hot Fuzz meets Shaun of the Dead.

Sergeant Nick Angel & PC Danny Butterman by Kevin at Hasslefree.

Imperial Armour 8

Imperial Armour Eight is on preorder at Forge World for £45. I will probably buy it to look at the excellent pics, and for the specs & scenarios. If it is true to past form then the story will be pretty turgid. I keep resolving not to buy any more of these but, inevitably, I do. Sad, really. :)